Colourbond Fencing

Colourbond is one of the most popular types of fencing available in today’s market; it adds style and elegance at an affordable price. With our different fencing profiles and suppliers we can cater to match existing fencing or install neighbour friendly profiles to keep everyone happy.

With 14 Fencing colours available you can create that co-ordination of matching your new fencing color to your home.  Colourbond fencing is durable, attractive and comes with a 10 year warranty from installation.

Some installers will offer an inferior/cheaper product which has been painted, these will fade over time and not look as impressive as a Colourbond Fence.

If you have an existing fence we can offer additional items to still achieve the look you want such as  adding Lattice extensions to your fence giving you greater privacy or fit retaining Plinths (a cheaper option than brick/concrete retaining) where you have a difference in land level heights.

We can customise your Colourbond Fence from 600mm high up to 2100mm high.




Pinelap Fencing

Pinelap Fencing is a great alternative when you want to bring a sense of the Country into your entertaining areas, treated to protect against termites thus giving it a longer life span.

You can choose to leave it in its raw state or paint it to add that WOW factor.




Tubular Fencing

Tubular Fencing is a versatile product which can be used in many different applications. Whether enclosing a pool area, creating a secure front fence, installing a feature fence within brick pillars or as a fall barrier its applications have no end.

We can custom manufacture Tubular Fencing to your design to match your inspiration and powder coat to a range of colours.




Aluminium Slat Fencing

Aluminium Slat Fencing is the ultimate in Style and the best thing is that they are maintenance free, giving you that Hollywood appearance all year round without having to lift a finger.

Whether you are looking for Privacy Fencing, Feature Fencing in between brick pillars or screening for unsightly objects, Slats are a good alternative.

Aluminium Slats are available in a range of Colourbond Colours and Timber Grain look.




Temporary Fencing

Temp Fencing is the perfect solution to securing a building site or an existing property whilst renovations are being undertaken. We also offer a screening option such as tarps to give you or your neighbours privacy whilst work is being undertaken. Temp Fencing is available for short or long term hire depending on your requirements.

We also offer Tree Protection as some local councils will prosecute for not having a barrier fence around trees on verges whilst building is being completed.

Local councils are actively issuing fines for failure to protect trees don’t get caught out.



Asbestos Fencing

Asbestos regulations in Perth dictate that we cannot replace damaged Asbestos Fencing or straighten a leaning Asbestos Fence. We can only remove existing Asbestos Fence by digging out and replacing with Colorbond, Pinelap or another style of fencing of your choice.




GnD are licensed to remove Assi Fencing and all our staff are trained in the correct method of removal.